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Thursday, 30 December 2010

How to install and verify the alexa meta tag on blogger

to verify and install the alexa tag on your blogger, the steps are as follows :

  • visit www.alexa.com
  • If you have never registered before is a good idea to register, click register
  • Fill the form that has been provided, if your registration is accepted, Alexa will send confirmation via e-mail, login to your email account and open the confirmation mail that you received, the content confirmation are contains passwords and notice of matters relating to the new regitrasi you doing, login to alexa through the link provided in the e-mail. 
registration completed 

still on alexa webpages 
  1. Click  Claim your site
  2. Type your blog url in the verification column, and click claim your site
  3. There will be 2( two) choices of how to verify, select the Add this meta tag. then Copy (Ctrl+C) the meta tags code are listed below. do not close the window, just open new tab
  4. Login to your blogger >> click design >> Edit HTML >> selection expand widget templates box
  5. paste (Ctrl+V) the tags after code < head > or before code < /head >
  6. Save template
then return to alexa verification form Step no.3 (three), and click the Verify My Meta Tags,
if the installation of meta tags that you have done is correct, you will get notification that your blog have successfully verified.

- to your blogging success -


alexa logo
Alexa is a site that provides service to calculate the traffic rankings by analyzing web usage, the traffic rank is based on three months of aggregated historical traffic data from millions of Alexa Toolbar users and data obtained from other sources of traffic data that varies, and is combined measure of page views and users (reach). As a first step, Alexa calculates the range and number of page views for all sites on the Web every day.
Page views measure the number of pages viewed by visitors to the site. Some displays pages from the same page made by the same user on the same day counted only once. Page Views per user numbers are the average number of pages viewed per unique user per day by visitors to the site. Changes in three months is determined by comparing the active site display page numbers with those from three months ago.

for more details about alexa click here
source: www.alexa.com

Sunday, 26 December 2010

How to verify Blogger to the Bing Webmaster

visit Bing Webmaster.

on Bing Webmaster dashboard

  1. Click "sign in to use webmaster tools"
  2. you must login using a Windows Live ID account or hotmail or live. If you not already have an account, click Sign Up and start the registration.
  3. After registering, login to your dashboard on webmaster page, using the email reply that just you made.
  4. In your dashboard at Bing, press add sites, and type the url of your blog. then klik submit
  5. You will be taken to the verification options page, select a method of verification, you can choose the verification using a meta tag, or upload bing Auth.xml.
  6.   If you choose verification by file upload, download the file Bing Auth.xml that have been provided, and upload the fail to your blog cpanel.
  7. Then press the verify button, on the webmaster Bing page.
But if you choose the verification using a meta tag, copy the tags that have been provided.
then login to your blogger >> click design >> click edit HMTL >> check (tick) the expand template widget 

paste the tag between code < head > and < / head >
then click save template.

back to Bing webmaster and press the verification button

verification you blog on
Bing Webmaster has been completed.


Registration and verification of a blogger into the Yahoo Site Explorer

Registration and verification of a blog into the Yahoo Site Explorer is almost the same as registering to Google Webmaster Tools. First, you must register your blog URL Then do the verification and submit your sitemap to Yahoo Site Explorer. The following explanations are steps to do verification of your blog to Yahoo :

  1. Go to Yahoo Site Explorer.
  2. you will be prompted to login to your yahoo account, using a Yahoo ID and password
  3. Then, login to the My Sites page, type your blog url in the input box provided,  then click  Add My Site button.
  4. Next, you will be prompted to choose how to conduct verification. There are 2 (two) methods of verification, you can directly upload a file verification from Yahoo or by installing Meta Tags.
  5. If you choose verification by installing META Tags . copy the meta tags that have been provided and save it in Notepad. For more efficient do not close the window, just open the new tab to login to your blogger

Installing the tags to Blogger

  •  From your blogger dashboard
  • Click Design » Edit HTML. 
  • Then paste the tags after the code <head> or before the code </ head>. Add a slash ( / ) at the end of the tags. so tag will look like the example below  
                   <META content='5bdd72492eeb8b5a' name='y_key '/ >;

  • on blogger if you do not add slash behind the code, structure of the code will not be accepted by the system. click Save Template to complete instalation.
  • back to Yahoo Site Explorer : "step number 4 (four)". Then click the Ready to Authenticate to verify.
  • If the placement of meta tags on your blog are correct, you will recieved a notification from Yahoo that your blog has been successfully verified

The steps to register and verify your blog to Yahoo Site Explorer has been completed

Saturday, 25 December 2010

how do a blog quickly indexed by google?

The Verification steps to Google for a blog quickly indexed by google, are as follows :

Add your URL to Google
visit http://www.google.com/addurl/
Then fill the form provided :
Url column   >  Fill in the URL of your blog.
Comments   >  Fill in the keywords related to your blog
Caphca box >  Fill an empty box with a letter of verification are available.
Click the button Add URL.

Adding and Verification Blog to Google Webmaster Tools

The most fundamental of the google webmaster tools is adding blogs and verification. The advantage is, your article will be quickly indexed by Google. to Add and Verify your blog to Google Webmaster Tools, please follow the steps below:

1. visit the Google Webmaster Tools.
2. Login with your account.
3. Click Add Site.
4. Enter the URL of your blog, Example: http://lingua-mysite.blogspot.com/
5. Click Continue.
6. Verify ownership, click Add a meta tag to your site's home page.
7. Copy the meta tag to your home page.
  • Login to your Blogger 
  • click Design
  • click Edit HTML.
  • Place the meta tag code that you get, under the code < head > , then  
8. Click Save Template.
9. Return to webmaster tools page Verify ownership.
10. Click Verify.
11. Done ... and now you can start to optimize your blog with Google Webmaster Tools.

Next step that you have to do,please Submit your blog to Google Sitemap.

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

WHAT is a BLOG ?

blog,blogger,logo blogger,bloggingly,walkblogging,tips and trick blogger
logo blogge
a blog is a site that publishes regular posts and displayed in reverse chronological order. The term blog is short for weblog, maintaining a blog or adding an article to an existing blog is called "blogging". Every article on a blog called "blog posts, A blog include text, hypertext, images, and links (to other web pages and to video, audio and other files).

has the blogs in my opinion the same as having a tabloid company, and blogs are the product, a tabloid without the article in it certainly will not mean anything, as well as blog with no posts in it, for balance, blog content should be tailored to the theme of the blog, imagine, if you buy a sports magazine, and when you read it, you see the contents of this magazine is talk about politics, sure you will say "this is a mistake", the balance between theme blogs and content will greatly affect the quality of a blog

if writing is your hobby, blogging is a great way to appreciate your hobby

"from the article above I wanted to gather opinions from your poll about what is the reason you create your own blog ?  please write your comment in the comment box"


seo,seoworld,seo tehnique,seo tool,what is seo
SEO logo
SEO or stands for Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by webmasters to get high positions in search engines. Every person who has a website, of course they want every product, or advertising, or written articles  get public attention. If you have a product to sell, the Internet is the best medium for marketing purposes, and SEO is the only way to promote your product, I believe you already have a website, now who knows about your web presence? This is the function of SEO. The goal is, to optimize search engine so it can open a high traffic towards a website and introduce it to the world. search engine will give a certain rank on a website based on different criteria. when the robot or spider crawl a web page, the machine or robot will check the whole page of the website, to find all the data required by the search engine in search of a web page, from these search results, every page of the website will be given specific rank, and rank is what will determine the extent to which the position and popularity of a web on a search engine.

perform tricks seo

in my opinion there are 2 steps to do tricks seo namely :

The first stage

The first stage is the stage when we begin to create a website. that must be done immediately is:

This stage is very important, so, do it properly.

second stage
The second stage is the stage to support the process that has been done at an early stage, here are some things to do in the second stage:

  • Do, walkblogging and get beckling from sites that have a similar theme with the theme of your site
  • Register your blog to the directory services
  • Follow the social networking site and forum on the internet, and do online promotion
  • Do the link exhance among fellow bloggers, etc.

Before beginning the process of Search Engine Optimization, it is important for us to understand, what is the real purpose of seo?. Try to collect a lot of info about Seo, and learn more how to use it, before you do SEO for your website.
if you successfully on Seo, its means, 75% you have been successful on the internet.

Thus, a little review about seo, hopefully useful

from the article above there is an interesting question. namely "what is the purpose of seo?" I want to use these questions as an opinion poll, if you wish please write your opinions and answers to the comments box

for your attention and participation, I say thank you

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Monday, 20 December 2010


mysite,my site,my website
Hello world. The first word that I would to say at my first post. a new experience that will I go through the virtual world by doing the blogging. I say thanks to google who has made a free service to create a webblog. so anyone has the chance, to perform and introduce himself to the world, through the space provided.

many things that we can write in one day, but sometimes, there is little that can be useful for many people, certainly a good chance, and I will not waste it to get much benefit from this service.

On this blog, I will try to share information about seo, tips tricks blogger, and entertainment, the fundamental reason why I prefer this topic, because I thinkthis theme above, will be more to challenge me, to continue to learn how to manage a website correctly, properly and innovative.

  1. Seo techniques will help me to surf the internet to introduce my web presence to the world, increase traffic to my blog, and get high rankings on search engines.
  2. Blogger tips and tricks will help me to manage blog content, to make it look good, and give comfort to each visitor, to be more interactive in my blog.
  3. While entertainment such as : music, movies, games, is the most popular themes in the world, and liked by everyone, and I hope this theme will give great support to increase the pagerank on this blog.
The composition of this theme, I was expected to increase popularity, high pagerank and high traffic to my blog.

Successful or not sucess we are manage a blog, isn't determined by how many posts we can write every day, but it can be seen from how many visitors who come to our blog every day, and the importance they like with the content that we provide, therefore, I expect criticism, suggestions and comments from the readers, your comments and suggestions are very useful for my future progress.

Hello world, thank you google, welcome visitors, success for all.




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