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Monday, 21 February 2011

AMD Fusion APU.

The balance between performance X86, Graphics, and Parallel Computing.

AMD Fusion Accelerated Processing Unit (APU) is a category of AMD's latest mobile chips that had been carried Neo AMD Athlon processor, VIA Nano, Intel Atom, and Intel Core ULV.

AMD has long stated its intention to merge the ability of the x86 CPU (general purpose, and serial data processing) and discrete graphics GPU, which excel at data parallel processing. Precisely since they do a merger with graphics manufacturer ATI in 2006. finally in 2011 in Events CES 2011 in Las Vegas last January, AMD formally announced the official attendance at APU that claim is supported by a number of large vendors such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Fufitsu, HP, Lenovo, MSI, Samsung, Sony, and Thosiba.

APU is part of AMD's Fusion architecture introduced since 2009. combination of CPU and GPU in one chip APU that looks simple, but in fact, it is a series of development process and production process are complex and time consuming. Barriers are not just about hardware implementation in this case is to merge CPU and GPU, but also in the design process to work optimally on CPUGPU technology (general purpose computation of Graphics Processing Unit). Just like OpenCL and computers are starting to be used directly in the software, Fusion Architecture needs to be designed carefully to ensure that can be developed further for the next two or three generations. Other factors are the focus of AMD is to create
compatible architecture with the previous generation architecture and next generation.

Unlike Intel which is independent in the chip manufacturing process.. AMD relies on other parties in the APU chip manufacturing process, for zacate APU (E series) and Ontario (Series C) using 40nm production technology from TSMC.and scheduled to finish in 2011, many others APU Fusion, such as the Liano (series A) are targeted for deskop, will use the 32nm production technology from Global Foundries. AMD Fusion APU first released, consisting of four series, two Serie (Zacate) and two series C (Ontario). Series E (zacate) targeted for mainstream notebook, all in one. And Small Form Factor (SFF) deskop, consisting of E (1.5GHz single core with a TDP of 18 W) and E-350 (dual core 1.6 GHz with TDP18W). The second series (Ontario) is targeted for a netbook or a tablet, consisting of C-30 (single core GHz with a TDP of 9 W 1.2) (1.0 GHz dual-core processors with TDP 9 W) C and-50.

Next target: consumer electronics

Intel has stated its intention to enter the consumer electronics area with the presence of atoms embedded chip, which is implanted in the Google TV. Although AMD has not entered into the world of tablet that becomes a trend in the market, AMD still believe if they X86 technology, is ready to compete with Intel and other development company.


Sunday, 20 February 2011

A new innovation in IPHONE 4

have the latest phone from apple, namely iphone 4. This isn't only a desire to enjoy the sophistication of multimedia fiture. However, iPhone 4 also has become a trend gadget in 2011 with some new innovations in it, which is increasingly moving towards the use of data as the main base phone. So, what's the iphone 4 advantage, when compared with the previous iphone issued by apple. please read the following brief explanation.

as an example, I'll try to compare the iPhone 4 with  the iPhone 3Gs.

Data Access
When compared with the previous iPhone, namely iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4 have been modified as well as possible to speed data access and provide convenience to the users. For example on iPhone 3GS still using HSDPA data network, which has download speeds up to 7.2 Mbps. Meanwhile, on iPhone 4 have used HSUPA networks, with download speeds up to 5.8 Mbps.

in addition, iphone 4, the processor has a larger capacity than the processor capacity in iPhone 3GS. iPhone 4, has 1GHz processor capacity, with 512 MB of RAM (Random Access Memory), while in iPhone 3GS use 600MHz processor with 256 MB of RAM. Of course, the improvement of hardware and data network in the iphone 4, have been able to cover the shortfall in the previous gadget. even it is not only done in hardware but also software that includes the features in it. so I think it's fair, if now iPhone 4 be hunted by the lovers of gadgets.

iPhone 4 have an application that is certainly different from the previous gadget, because the gadget is equipped with FaceTime applications, which can be used for videocall activities, when the feature is activated it will show two faces of those who are conducting a conversation using videocall.
IPhone front camera has VGA resolution, but unfortunately, to do FaceTime you have to use wifi, and both handsets have the same type, and have the same application as well. But if you do not already have iPhone 4, you do not need to be disappointed because you can still use the FaceTime to make a videocall, by injecting the application to the Macbook.
in addition Facetime, there are also other leading applications contained in iPhone 4, namely Retina Display application, this application has a screen resolution of 960x640 px. This resolution certainly larger than the iPhone 3GS which has a resolution of 480x320px.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Safety Tips For Using a Public Computer

Read these tips to help keep your work, personal identity, or other information private.

I am sure, now you have a PC or Notebook, or other device which you use to perform your daily online activities, but, if one day requires you to use public computers for any reason, and you have to logon to your account. in fact, it can lead to your identity such as, email address, password, and other your information about are unsafe. if you don't pay attention to safety factors when using a public computer. These are simple tips which I will share to you, when you use public computers at cafes, airports or other public places. so you can be safe when you use them.

1. Don't save your logon information
Always log out of Web sites by clicking "log out" on the site. It's not enough to simply close the browser window or type in another address.
Many programs (especially social networking Web sites, Web mail, and instant messenger programs) include automatic login features that will save your user name and password. Disable this option so no one can log in as you.

2. Don't leave the computer unattended with sensitive information on the screen
If you have to leave the public computer, log out of all programs and close all windows that might display sensitive information.

3. Erase your tracks
if you browse using internet explorer, On Internet Explorer8 offers InPrivate browsing that leaves no trace of specific Web activity. For more information, see Browse privately. it also keeps a record of your passwords and every page you visit, even after you've closed them and logged out.
Disable the feature that stores passwords
Before you go to the Web, turn off the Internet Explorer feature that "remembers" your passwords.

1. In Internet Explorer, click Tools, and then click Internet Options.
2. Click the Content tab, and then click Settings, next to AutoComplete.
3. Click to clear both check boxes having to do with passwords.

Delete your temporary Internet files and your history
When you finish your use of a public computer, you can help protect your private information by deleting your temporary Internet files.

4. Watch for over-the-shoulder snoops
When you use a public computer, be on the look out for thieves who look over your shoulder or watch as you enter sensitive passwords to collect your information.

5. Don't enter sensitive information
These measures provide some protection against casual hackers who use a public computer after you have. But keep in mind that an industrious thief might have installed sophisticated software on the public computer that records every keystroke and then e-mails that information back to the thief. Then it doesn't matter if you haven't saved your information or if you've erased your tracks. They still have access to this information.

hopefully useful

Saturday, 12 February 2011

UEFI, BIOS replacement candidate

Last time for BIOS is near, and will be replaced by newcomer "UEFI". Your computer will be faster, safer, and strongerlet's see the reasons.

Bios menu's (basic input / output system) that are blue and less structure, has come since 30 years ago, the BIOS will detect the hardware and prepare the necessary interface Interface for Windows or Linux boot process. In fact, Bios developed for PCs since the 80s and remained unchanged until today.

In the 2000s, Intel developed a new interface, called firmware EFI (Extensible Firmware Interface). since 2005, Unified EFI Forum, which consists of large companies such as Intel, AMD, Apple, Dell and Microsoft has reviewed the UEFI specification (unfied EFI). UEFI has evolved into an interface that is easy to operate, faster, stable, lightweight and safer. indeed until now there is no UEFI-based systems. but let us see what is offered by this new BIOS. and how the computer will boot.

Bios boot process can be seen that the PC is turned on in seconds until the windows screen appears. This is a process called POST (Power On Self Test). In the classic PC BIOS, this process will initialize all the hardware contained on the motherboard. Starting from the CPU and then examine some of its functions. Bios works as an abstraction so that the operating system doesn't have to activate the other PC components directly. drivers should be loaded at the operating system is active. Typically, the BIOS will seek Bootloader on the first 512 bytes of all drives. On Bios-based Computer, Bootloader usually located in the MBR (Master Boot Record). MBR create a partition on your hard drive, when the bootloader has been active, the operating system will run. However, PC-BIOS shows two basic weaknesses.
  • First, the Bios based on byte code assembler 16, so it can't directly initialize the new 64-byte.
  • Second, don't have the same specifications. each manufacturer makes their own variants.
With UEFI, forun participants wanted to create uniformity. each process will be defined in detail. UEFI boot process on Board (Platform Initialization (PI)). This can be interpreted as follows. after the computer is turned on, will take place Pre-EFI Initialization (PEI), which is activated in the CPU, memory, and chipset. subsequently, the process of switching to the Driver Execution Environment (DXE). at this stage, other hardware will be activated and even it done only in one step. at this stage it is definitely an advantage in terms of speed can already be felt. UEFI integrate a variety of drivers, so no need to load operating systems run on time. because these drivers don't depend anymore on the system, and we only need to program a variant only. therefore at the initial boot, NetworkCard and other functions such as: network boot or Remote Maintenance already can be activated, in addition, active grafihics card will display the simple menu interface.

Booting will be faster because they do not need anymore melaukan pengrcekan bootleader on all drives available. Boot drive has been determined since the operating system installation. So that becomes the standard boot process. But this is not the only advantage gained if we use the UEFI. On the other EFI partition, such as hard drives, a variety of applications can be stored, so that when the new operating system is running, you can run diagnostic applications, such as sytem tool, etc.

HDD 3 require UEFI
Currently, 3 TB hard drives have a lot in the market, such as: Barracuda XT 3000Gb. But until now UEFI isn't ready to use. whereas for use of this giant hard disk required special software or drive.

BIOS-PC can only access 2³² sectors, 512 bytes in size through the conventional master boot record. This means that the maximum hard disk capacity is 2 TB. Seagate uses a slightly larger sector to at least be used in windows, but this makes the problem, the BIOS can't boot from this disk.
Conversely, UEFI based on GUID Partition Table (GPT) can process up to 2⁶⁴ sectors, so this is equivalent to 9 Zettabyte (1ZettaByte = 1 billion TB). Although GPT hard disks can be used on windows Vista. But boot only works with UEFI motherboards. As Intel DQ57 SPI TM and vista 64 Byte. Reportedly this year, Intel and other vendors will offer more UEFI motherboard than the Bios.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Trend Micro released USB Security 2.0

No matter what, not only in the PC or Notebook, various USB devices can be also infected by virus. This problem often experienced by PC users around the world. Therefore, on January 7th,2011, the Trend Micro a manufacturer of security applications, released the security applications for any port in USB devices, namely USB security 2.0.

Trend Micro security program’s can prevent the entry of viruses and malware into a USB device that connects to your PC or notebooks, so consumer’s USB device would be safe to use. Highly total protection granted the application for USB devices. Trend Micro also integrate several new features in version 2.0 are the Real time Virus Scan, the Auto-Update, and the Reference of log.

Real-time virus scan. Trend Micro USB Security offers real-time scans so that if a threat is detected, an alert screen will be displayed and the infected files will immediately be isolated.

Auto-update on pattern files. Because of the changing nature of threats, Trend Micro USB Security automatically updates its pattern files. Manual updates are also an option.

Meanwhile, Reference of logs. The reference log keeps an interactive list of virus detection results where users can restore or delete any file on the quarantine list.

well,  are you interested to download this application?  if so, you can go to www.trendmicro.com or directly from this page at  trendmicro.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Muvee Reveal 8 supports to iPad and iPhone-4

gambar sofware,muvee reveal
Muvee Reveal

Entering the 10th year muvee Reveal applications presence in the world of video editing, Muvee Reveal continuosly improve their services by doing innovation on the features and the function of their applications. such as the latest version has just been released, the muvee Reveal version 8. These applications more flexibility as it supports Apple devices, such as iPad and iPhone-4. Of course this new feature will allow the users of these devices become more comfortable and flexible. Because they can export HD video to these device so that it can be shared to the internet.

This is the answer to a request from the HD camcorder consumers that use the iPad and iPhone. And now you can enjoy the high-quality HDvideo on your mobile devices.

for those of you who want to get this application, you can go to www.muvee.com or directly from this post on Muvee Upgrade to upgrade to the latest version.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Android Used as a Satellite

Android phones probably will not only serve as a Smartphone. A satellite development company in UK have a crazy plan to use android phone as the brain of satellite.The experiments are currently being undertaken by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) in Guildford, England, as part of the initiative using advances in technology to make the cost of the satellite be cheaper.The idea of this project makes sense. As reported by the BBC, the SSTL assess modern Smartphone is remarkable after 1 GHz processor equipped and has a large capacity memory, especially android phone that has an additional SD card slot.

In this case, a smart phone comparable to mini-computer with self-power supply, input-output interface, and radio communication-that is very similar to the main components of a satellite. The difference is, the satellite requires hardware that has been specially designed directly on the CPU level, electronic equipment that has sufficient resilience to be in space-systems and handheld devices that overall, the cost of the design and manufacture of satellite becomes very expensive.For mild and simple mission, in fact nano-satellite (satellite mini) is much cheaper than the usual satellite-primarily the cost of shipping into the sky. However, innovations developed by SSTL will rise one level above it, namely by combining nano-sized satellite with a Smartphone.

SSTL was not going to make any changes or adjustments on the Smartphone’s official prices 450 dollars used. They will only relate to the satellite circuit using standard connectors. A camera will be installed in the satellite (Strand 1) that overlooks the Smartphone screen to ensure that the satellite malfunctioned and facilitate supervision from headquarters.

How does it work?
First, the Strand will work using electronic capabilities and control the hardware it self, and will bring other experimental equipment, including cameras that will take pictures of Earth from above.Furthermore Strand will check whether the android phone is still functioning or not. If it works, android phone will take over control (recognized by SSTL, for this function they are designing a special application installed on the mobile android). Furthermore, satellites that have been taken over entirely by the android phones will SASL position using the GPS function is in it, and then control it with gyros and mini-jet plasma. Mobile also will take pictures from orbit satellite itself.

Doug Liddle, Head of the Science Lab SSTL, explains, they have test against android mobile phone inside an airtight chamber in the earth to find out whether mobile phone stand if laterexposed to conditions that are not the same as the earth. Mobile Google android stated pass-is expected to stand to be in space for a year non-stop. Doug and his group believes the first launch will take place third quarter this year will go well.

Why are these findings interesting? If the experiment is successful, there will be a new chapter in their own satellites with a more cost-saving up to hundreds of thousands of pounds (from about 10 million pounder sterling) for simple missions are small. Satellite technology is increasingly important role in our lives in times to come. Of course, this discovery is very important and strategic.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

BlackBerry Application - For Moslem

handphone,ponsel,smartphone,gadget,Blackberry image,mysite image
BlackBerry img.5

Increasing the number of BlackBerry users in Indonesia has created fierce competition among the cellular phone entrepreneur, is no exception the cellular network providers, to further increase the number of subscribers of their network. they also compete to create new innovations for their products and services, one of them by providing services to download for free BlackBerry application as done by indosat. One of the largest cellular network provider in Indonesia.

MoslemGuide application, is the latest application released by Indosat. The launch of this application is claimed as offerings to Indosat customers in Indonesia. Indonesia as a big country with large population and most of the population are Moslem, of course, launching this application isn't just a right decision, but this is a smart move that has been taken by this company

Here are the features that exist in the BlackBerry Moslem guide application :

1. About

Moslem Guide is a BlackBerry application, which is useful as a tool or guide the Muslims who want to do worship.

2. Translator from Indonesian to Arabic
In this feature, available trans tool from Indonesian to Arabic, it will be useful for Muslims who want to learn Arabic.
3. Islamic Ringtone and Islamic Themes
if you download this application, you will find many islamic ringtone and themes that you can donwload for free to your blackberry.

4. Salaat Schedule

This feature also provides the Salaat schedule is updated every day According to the city where you live (in Indonesia).  When you 're traveling. You can use settings to choose the city where you are, (in the menu > City List). Then check the Automatic Update Schedule, then click the save button to save changes. After that, press the button click manually update, then, the Salaat schedule will adjust to the time of salaat schedule in the city of the area.

5. Mosque
This feature can help you to find the nearest mosque in the city where you are, just by clicking on one of the mosques in the list of the mosque, then you will receive detailed information about the location of the mosque. Even if you visit a mosque that isn't exist yet in the database . You can add it to the database application by clicking on the coordinates, then click add. and the location of the mosque will be directly stored in the database.

6. Search Qibla Direction
This feature allows your Blackberry to find Qibla direction where you are. and to do that you only need to tick the option Use Google Maps. Then click the Use a GPS, if your BlackBerry already supporting GPS service. but click the button Use the LBS, if in that area,  your BlackBery doesn't support GPS services.

7. Halal Guide

This feature contains the halal products that have been approved by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). In this feature there is also a search menu to help you find a product or a restaurant.
to use this feature, you only need to enter the name of product in the search field, then press enter, this feature will display the product or restaurant that you are looking for. it is amazing, isn't it

8. Al - Quran Digital

Other features in the MoslemGuide is Digital Al - Qur'an, you don't have to worry about the authenticity. because this feature have been inspected by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia

9. Daily Devotional.

This application also features a Daily devotional. which provides a daily devotional is famous Ustad or Ustadzah in this country. In my opinion, this feature is the best feature of this application. Using this feature will be able to open your heart and your mind, please install this application, and get the most from this feature. to use this feature you only need to choose the title of musings on the list which is already available . and click enter (ok).


This application is compatible for BlackBerry which uses the Operating System version 4.5 , and can be used by all types of BlackBerry.


if you wish to download the application, you can directly go to the webpage from here on moslemguide or through Indosat-iGo, select the BlackBerry menu and select menu Moslem Guide.

note :
This application can be downloaded only by Indosat customers, and applicable only in Indonesia.



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