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Monday, 7 February 2011

Android Used as a Satellite

Android phones probably will not only serve as a Smartphone. A satellite development company in UK have a crazy plan to use android phone as the brain of satellite.The experiments are currently being undertaken by Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) in Guildford, England, as part of the initiative using advances in technology to make the cost of the satellite be cheaper.The idea of this project makes sense. As reported by the BBC, the SSTL assess modern Smartphone is remarkable after 1 GHz processor equipped and has a large capacity memory, especially android phone that has an additional SD card slot.

In this case, a smart phone comparable to mini-computer with self-power supply, input-output interface, and radio communication-that is very similar to the main components of a satellite. The difference is, the satellite requires hardware that has been specially designed directly on the CPU level, electronic equipment that has sufficient resilience to be in space-systems and handheld devices that overall, the cost of the design and manufacture of satellite becomes very expensive.For mild and simple mission, in fact nano-satellite (satellite mini) is much cheaper than the usual satellite-primarily the cost of shipping into the sky. However, innovations developed by SSTL will rise one level above it, namely by combining nano-sized satellite with a Smartphone.

SSTL was not going to make any changes or adjustments on the Smartphone’s official prices 450 dollars used. They will only relate to the satellite circuit using standard connectors. A camera will be installed in the satellite (Strand 1) that overlooks the Smartphone screen to ensure that the satellite malfunctioned and facilitate supervision from headquarters.

How does it work?
First, the Strand will work using electronic capabilities and control the hardware it self, and will bring other experimental equipment, including cameras that will take pictures of Earth from above.Furthermore Strand will check whether the android phone is still functioning or not. If it works, android phone will take over control (recognized by SSTL, for this function they are designing a special application installed on the mobile android). Furthermore, satellites that have been taken over entirely by the android phones will SASL position using the GPS function is in it, and then control it with gyros and mini-jet plasma. Mobile also will take pictures from orbit satellite itself.

Doug Liddle, Head of the Science Lab SSTL, explains, they have test against android mobile phone inside an airtight chamber in the earth to find out whether mobile phone stand if laterexposed to conditions that are not the same as the earth. Mobile Google android stated pass-is expected to stand to be in space for a year non-stop. Doug and his group believes the first launch will take place third quarter this year will go well.

Why are these findings interesting? If the experiment is successful, there will be a new chapter in their own satellites with a more cost-saving up to hundreds of thousands of pounds (from about 10 million pounder sterling) for simple missions are small. Satellite technology is increasingly important role in our lives in times to come. Of course, this discovery is very important and strategic.


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