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Thursday, 3 February 2011

BlackBerry Application - For Moslem

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Increasing the number of BlackBerry users in Indonesia has created fierce competition among the cellular phone entrepreneur, is no exception the cellular network providers, to further increase the number of subscribers of their network. they also compete to create new innovations for their products and services, one of them by providing services to download for free BlackBerry application as done by indosat. One of the largest cellular network provider in Indonesia.

MoslemGuide application, is the latest application released by Indosat. The launch of this application is claimed as offerings to Indosat customers in Indonesia. Indonesia as a big country with large population and most of the population are Moslem, of course, launching this application isn't just a right decision, but this is a smart move that has been taken by this company

Here are the features that exist in the BlackBerry Moslem guide application :

1. About

Moslem Guide is a BlackBerry application, which is useful as a tool or guide the Muslims who want to do worship.

2. Translator from Indonesian to Arabic
In this feature, available trans tool from Indonesian to Arabic, it will be useful for Muslims who want to learn Arabic.
3. Islamic Ringtone and Islamic Themes
if you download this application, you will find many islamic ringtone and themes that you can donwload for free to your blackberry.

4. Salaat Schedule

This feature also provides the Salaat schedule is updated every day According to the city where you live (in Indonesia).  When you 're traveling. You can use settings to choose the city where you are, (in the menu > City List). Then check the Automatic Update Schedule, then click the save button to save changes. After that, press the button click manually update, then, the Salaat schedule will adjust to the time of salaat schedule in the city of the area.

5. Mosque
This feature can help you to find the nearest mosque in the city where you are, just by clicking on one of the mosques in the list of the mosque, then you will receive detailed information about the location of the mosque. Even if you visit a mosque that isn't exist yet in the database . You can add it to the database application by clicking on the coordinates, then click add. and the location of the mosque will be directly stored in the database.

6. Search Qibla Direction
This feature allows your Blackberry to find Qibla direction where you are. and to do that you only need to tick the option Use Google Maps. Then click the Use a GPS, if your BlackBerry already supporting GPS service. but click the button Use the LBS, if in that area,  your BlackBery doesn't support GPS services.

7. Halal Guide

This feature contains the halal products that have been approved by the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI). In this feature there is also a search menu to help you find a product or a restaurant.
to use this feature, you only need to enter the name of product in the search field, then press enter, this feature will display the product or restaurant that you are looking for. it is amazing, isn't it

8. Al - Quran Digital

Other features in the MoslemGuide is Digital Al - Qur'an, you don't have to worry about the authenticity. because this feature have been inspected by the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia

9. Daily Devotional.

This application also features a Daily devotional. which provides a daily devotional is famous Ustad or Ustadzah in this country. In my opinion, this feature is the best feature of this application. Using this feature will be able to open your heart and your mind, please install this application, and get the most from this feature. to use this feature you only need to choose the title of musings on the list which is already available . and click enter (ok).


This application is compatible for BlackBerry which uses the Operating System version 4.5 , and can be used by all types of BlackBerry.


if you wish to download the application, you can directly go to the webpage from here on moslemguide or through Indosat-iGo, select the BlackBerry menu and select menu Moslem Guide.

note :
This application can be downloaded only by Indosat customers, and applicable only in Indonesia.


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