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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

BlackBerry's Internal Memory Management Tips

BlackBerry img 2
Although we know the BlackBerry is a Smartphone, but, it doesn't mean, all advanced mobile phones are always perfect.. in fact, behind the sophistication, The BlackBerry have weaknesses that could disrupt our comfort when we use it, one of the drawback is, we can't save the applications that we install into a media card that is available in it. However, the applications that installed, will be stored into internal memory. of course it can reduce the internal memory capacity of your blackberry. for that reason, this time I try to share some tips on How to Manage your BlackBerry Internal Memory 
Synchronize phone

Synchronize phone
most blackberry users have forgotten something. when they open emails or attachments using their BlackBerry. in fact, it can improve memory usage that is not too important. let me tell you, if you want to open email or attachments on your BlackBerry, it would be better if you opened by using a PC (Personal Computer), of course, after you synchronize your blackberry to your PC. it will reduce the use of your BlackBerry's internal memory.

Browser Cache 
try to always clean up the browser cache. because it not only can reduce the memory capacity of your phone, but it can also slow down the speed access of your phone. and to remove it, just follow these steps: open a browser, then click on the menu (BlackBerry logo), next click option, then click on cache operations, and final, click clear history

Facebook cache
Don't ever think, facebook will not reduce your internal memory capacity, we must be observant for the use of any application, especially for social networking. to clear your the facebook cache, you can login to your facebook, then click on the menu, and click options, and final, click clear cache.

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Call history
You have to manage calls on your phone, although it is trivial, but the call history has a role to reduce the internal memory capacity of your phone. if you want to delete it from your phone, you can do this: open "message", click menu, click the folder view, click the missed calls, and click delete prior. , or open the "message", click menu, click on the folder view, click a phone call logs, click the menu, and final, click delete prior

Event log
Not only call history, but you need to pay attention to the event log. because this feature can also reduce your internal memory capacity, the steps to remove the log event are : from the main screen, click the alt key, hold briefly, and then click the letter "L, G, L, G"then press the menu (BlackBerry's logo).     and click the log clear.

Temp memory
Always clean up temp memory, do it by clicking the option, then click cleanning memory, then click the menu, click clean now, and then click save.

Soft reset
You can manage your memory by doing a soft reset, do this at least once every day, the easiest way to do a soft reset by pressing the ALT-SHIFT (Aa) RIGHT - DEL simultaneously. hold it until the screen off, and do not forget to do "HARD RESET" at least once in 3 days by removing the battery to refresh your BlackBerry.

-  hopefully useful -

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