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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

how to do online promotion to increase the traffic to your blog.

So many seo trics we can do to increase traffic to our blog, One of them is, by doing an online promotion. This trick is often done by the bloggers to increase traffic on their blogs.

a very simple thing to do, but carry a big impact on traffic increases and the popularity of a blog on the internet. If you haven't already to do it for your blog, I think you should do it now, because it is more important than you are installing a lot of meta tags in your blogger.

I have written some tips for doing online promotion for your blog, please read it and I suggest, you do it immediately, thereafter.

  1. Do, walkblogging, always leave a good comment and include your link after you read a post, when you visit other sites on the Internet
  2. If on the web that you visit has a guest book, would be better, if you fill the guest book, and leave your link
  3. When you buy an online product, I recomend you to fill out the testimonials of those products, so that every visitor who saw the same website, indirectly they will see a link from your web.
  4. Follow, at least 2 forums, and active in providing posts on the forum and include your link every time you write a post or comment
  5. Follow, social networking sites, such as : facebook, twiteer, etc., and create your own community, include your link every time you write a post and when you give a comment.
  6. Register your blog into a web directory service.

Well, now you already know what should you do, to do online promotion to increase traffic to your blog.good luck

- to your blogging success -

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