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Thursday, 27 January 2011

Compress Photo, to Speed Up Email

BlacBerry img 4
You may have experienced barriers, when you send an email which containing photo attachments using the BlackBerry, usually, it happens because the resolution of the image you wish to send is too large. So, is there a solution for that? of course it is, you only need to edit photos and compress, so the file size can be smaller and this will accelerate the delivery via email

However, you need the right application to do that, but if until now, you don't have that application, you don't need to be disappointed, because the Blackberry development company has been providing them for you, and you can get them anytime you want.

There are two types of applications for BlackBerry that serves to compress images. namely, Resize Photo Editor and Image Edit. Both are the excellent application, and very easy to operate, and also very economical because it doesn't require large memory space to store it on your Blackberry.

following I will explain briefly to you about, more functions, how to use it, and how to download this application.

after you download this application, you can compress and resize the photo which has high resolution becomes lower. so you no longer need to get in trouble, when sending an image file attachments via email or mms using your Blackberry.

how to use it :

  1. Select menu  >>  then select the image editor icon (located in the download folder),
  2. Next, go to the image gallery and select an image.
  3. Then press the blackberry menu button, and scroll the trackball (trackpad) to select the size of the image (picture), click on the image to be compressed.
  4. After that the application will display several options. (select the size and image quality you want).
  5. Then, kilk Next, it will show a review of the newly compressed image.
  6. Then click Save.


handphone,ponsel,smartphone,gadget,Blackberry image
BlackBerry img 6
  • You don't have to worry, the original image will be lost, because the original image and image compression, will be stored in the gallery and use a smaller memory space.
  • Specifically, to the old type blackberry, it will require a large memory to run this application.
how to download
You also no need to worry, will lose a lot of memory space if you download this application, because the application size is only 138kb. if you're interest to download it, you can go to the blackberry appworld directly from the link on this post, and get the latest version,

- hopefully useful -

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Monday, 24 January 2011

UFO Traces Found in Indonesia

UFO,trace,indonesia,jejak ufo
UFO trace - img.1
UFO phenomenon has existed and was known for centuries ago, but until now no one could prove it scientifically, but many found some traces of their existence in some countries, how about you, do you believe that?

learn more about the same events that occurred in several countries, many phenomena which revealed that the UFOs traces was found are man-made (an engineered only), so this news is also hard to believe, especially about the existence of life beyond earth creature, because until now there was no physical evidence to prove it.
jejak UFO,UFO
UFO trace - img2

as happens today in Sleman (Yogyakarta, Indonesia). Sleman residents were surprised by the discovery of traces of UFO in the middle of rice fields owned by a citizen, people who are surprised by phenomena that occur, in droves to go visit this place. though, to see the whole pattern they have to climb a high cliff nearly 100m, because the diameter of the pattern formed more than 60 meters. and only visible from the heights. but didn't dampen their desire to see it.
about pattern formed looks so neat, some experts Indonesia stated if this phenomenon is not caused by nature (eg: wind). but that doesn't mean it's not manmade. to investigate it, the local police have set up police lines to prevent damage to the area. and will check more about the phenomenon.

Unbelievable, but that's what has happened. or maybe this is just a joke
, UFO landed in the middle of rice fields .. ow! maybe they need rice to eat!? and maybe tomorrow they will land on the supermarket to steal the sausage and vegetables. what do you think?

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Safety Tips for Using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi img 1
4 safety tips for using Wi-Fi
If you have a laptop computer with wireless connectivity, you can access the Internet using Wi-Fi, or wireless networks, often in public places such as coffee shops, airports, hotels, and other spaces.Here are four quick tips to enjoy the convenience of public Wi-Fi and help to protect your privacy.
1. Use a firewall 

If your computer uses Windows Vista or Windows XP and you've installed Service Pack 2, you have a built-in firewall that's turned on by default.You can configure Windows Firewall to provide better protection when you're using a public wireless network. For more information about windows firewall, click here
2. Hide your files 

When you use public Wi-Fi, and the network encryption is often out of your control.Check the privacy statement on the network's Web site to learn about the type of encryption they use.If you keep personal or financial information on your computer, consider investing in an operating system, such as Windows Vista, that includes the tools to protect your information through encryption. 
To learn more about Encrypt or decrypt click here
3. Don't type in credit card numbers or passwords 

These measures provide some protection against casual hackers and identity thieves who prey on wireless networks. But if criminals are determined enough, they will eventually find a way to get around any security system.If you want to be safe, avoid typing any sensitive information, such as your credit card number or any other financial information, while you use a public wireless network.

Notes : If you must enter credit card numbers while using a public wireless network, make sure there is a locked padlock icon at the bottom right corner of the browser window, and make sure the Web address begins with https: (the "s" stands for secure).
4. Turn off your wireless network when you're not using it 

If you're not surfing the Internet or sending e-mail, but still using your computer in an area where there is a public wireless network, disable your wireless connection.
If you're using an external Wi-Fi card you can remove it. 
If you're using an internal WiFi card, right-click the connection and click Disable.

~ to your blogging success ~

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

BlackBerry's Internal Memory Management Tips

BlackBerry img 2
Although we know the BlackBerry is a Smartphone, but, it doesn't mean, all advanced mobile phones are always perfect.. in fact, behind the sophistication, The BlackBerry have weaknesses that could disrupt our comfort when we use it, one of the drawback is, we can't save the applications that we install into a media card that is available in it. However, the applications that installed, will be stored into internal memory. of course it can reduce the internal memory capacity of your blackberry. for that reason, this time I try to share some tips on How to Manage your BlackBerry Internal Memory 
Synchronize phone

Synchronize phone
most blackberry users have forgotten something. when they open emails or attachments using their BlackBerry. in fact, it can improve memory usage that is not too important. let me tell you, if you want to open email or attachments on your BlackBerry, it would be better if you opened by using a PC (Personal Computer), of course, after you synchronize your blackberry to your PC. it will reduce the use of your BlackBerry's internal memory.

Browser Cache 
try to always clean up the browser cache. because it not only can reduce the memory capacity of your phone, but it can also slow down the speed access of your phone. and to remove it, just follow these steps: open a browser, then click on the menu (BlackBerry logo), next click option, then click on cache operations, and final, click clear history

Facebook cache
Don't ever think, facebook will not reduce your internal memory capacity, we must be observant for the use of any application, especially for social networking. to clear your the facebook cache, you can login to your facebook, then click on the menu, and click options, and final, click clear cache.

BlackBerry img1
Call history
You have to manage calls on your phone, although it is trivial, but the call history has a role to reduce the internal memory capacity of your phone. if you want to delete it from your phone, you can do this: open "message", click menu, click the folder view, click the missed calls, and click delete prior. , or open the "message", click menu, click on the folder view, click a phone call logs, click the menu, and final, click delete prior

Event log
Not only call history, but you need to pay attention to the event log. because this feature can also reduce your internal memory capacity, the steps to remove the log event are : from the main screen, click the alt key, hold briefly, and then click the letter "L, G, L, G"then press the menu (BlackBerry's logo).     and click the log clear.

Temp memory
Always clean up temp memory, do it by clicking the option, then click cleanning memory, then click the menu, click clean now, and then click save.

Soft reset
You can manage your memory by doing a soft reset, do this at least once every day, the easiest way to do a soft reset by pressing the ALT-SHIFT (Aa) RIGHT - DEL simultaneously. hold it until the screen off, and do not forget to do "HARD RESET" at least once in 3 days by removing the battery to refresh your BlackBerry.

-  hopefully useful -

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Saturday, 15 January 2011

Free Download BlackBerry Application

Blackberry img1
If this is your first time using a BlackBerry, and you still don't know how to download the applications for your blackberry? don't worry, because I'll tell you, all of the best sites for your convenience to download BlackBerry application, you can't wait to find out ! Well, you'll get it right now. I recomanded you, to visit :

1. Google mobile
there's the one doesn't know google? of course,everyone knows google, this site can't only be used for browsing. Actually, this site also provides a free applications download service for BlackBerry users. please visit this link, http://www.google.com/apps/intl/business/mobile.html. and get what you need for your blackberry.

2. Getjar.com
Everyone knows Getjar is the biggest download site that ever existed, there were 200 thousand developers joined in it. and they are ready to give you a complete service with a simple search field, This website also has a variety of services, and getjat is capable of supporting: Java, Symbian, Windows Mobile applications , Palm and Blackberry. visit this site and get any application you need.

3. Opera Mini Browser
there is a uniqueness if you install this application. because you will see different colors on the display of your browser. although the theme used tend to be dark, but it still looks cool, and still help you when you surf. In addition, you shouldn't hesitate with the ability and speed of this application if installed on BlacBerry. This is an application that you need, install now and you don't have to wait too long to load

4. lobobrowser.org
This site is suitable for users of Java applications, because almost all the browsers in it are based on java applications. the advantage of this application if you install into your BlackBerry is.
- Fast browsing.
- Rich in features and more complete.
so, please visit this site for donwload your blackberry application.

5. Cyberiapc.com
if you're a reliable IT, surely you're very familiar with this website address. this site may be more familiar as a site that can help you to solve your PC problems, actually, there are some interesting application in this site. such as, the availability of thousands of free games based on java. visit this site and you no need to long to search the games application for your belackberry

That's them, some sites you can visit to download the application for your blackberry. I hope this information can be useful for you.

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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

how to do online promotion to increase the traffic to your blog.

So many seo trics we can do to increase traffic to our blog, One of them is, by doing an online promotion. This trick is often done by the bloggers to increase traffic on their blogs.

a very simple thing to do, but carry a big impact on traffic increases and the popularity of a blog on the internet. If you haven't already to do it for your blog, I think you should do it now, because it is more important than you are installing a lot of meta tags in your blogger.

I have written some tips for doing online promotion for your blog, please read it and I suggest, you do it immediately, thereafter.

  1. Do, walkblogging, always leave a good comment and include your link after you read a post, when you visit other sites on the Internet
  2. If on the web that you visit has a guest book, would be better, if you fill the guest book, and leave your link
  3. When you buy an online product, I recomend you to fill out the testimonials of those products, so that every visitor who saw the same website, indirectly they will see a link from your web.
  4. Follow, at least 2 forums, and active in providing posts on the forum and include your link every time you write a post or comment
  5. Follow, social networking sites, such as : facebook, twiteer, etc., and create your own community, include your link every time you write a post and when you give a comment.
  6. Register your blog into a web directory service.

Well, now you already know what should you do, to do online promotion to increase traffic to your blog.good luck

- to your blogging success -

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Friday, 7 January 2011


Meta tags are a means to convey all important information about the web pages to search engines. so many types of meta tags but there are only 3(three) meta tags are often used, they include:

- Description Tags, 
- keywords Tags , and 
- Meta robots.

                                Description Tags
Keyword search
Description Tag is created to provide an overview of the contents of web pages. The text you want to be shown as your description goes between the quotation marks after the "content=" portion of the tag (generally, 200 to 250 characters may be indexed, though only a smaller portion of this amount may be displayed). Examples of writing meta tag description is as follows:

<meta name="description" content =,"All about
blogger, seo,  computers and technology ">

Some search engines like Northern Light, and Google doesn't use meta tags as a description of its search results. What they use is the beginning of sentences which exist on the page.
 I recommend that you use the contents of the meta tag description as the opening sentence.

Keyword Tags
Keyword Tags or keyword search, also called keywords, so keywords that you create a benchmark for the search engines find your web pages.
Basic syntax written of the keyword tag is :

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1 KEYWORD2 keyword3 ...">
or there is also a write with a comma separator:

<meta name="keywords" content="keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, ...>

Both of them are same and there is no influence on search engines. The purpose of the use of a comma on keywords tag, for keywords are easier to read. but don't you ever repeat the same word more than 3 times,

because it will be considered spamming.  

an example of the wrong keyword tag.
<meta name="keywords" content="Blog, Blogging, walkblogger, blogger template, bloggingly>
In the example above, we do find the word "blog" is repeated 5 times, that will be considered spamming.
Remember, the keywords you use, it should be relate to the content of your web pages. because if isn't, that will be considered spamming too.

Meta Robots
The main purpose of the use of meta robots is to determine which web pages can be indexed by spiders.These tags are very useful especially when a website uses frames for navigation. Of course we don't want the menus in the frame to be read by search engines.The basic format of the meta tag robots are as follows:
<meta name="robots" content="index | noindex | follow | nofollow">

For example, if you want the spiders to read the main page, and browse through all links that exist then add the following:
<meta name="robots" content="index follow">

With this command, the spider will index your main page and schedule to index the other pages that can be searched via a hyperlink (<a href="">).
The following command will instruct spiders not to index and browse the links on a web page.
<meta name="robots" content="noindex nofollow">

that's all I know about, how to use the tags in blogger. I hope a little explanation that I wrote in this post, may be useful for you
~ to your blogging sucess ~

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How to install meta tag on blogger

To install Meta tags on blogger is easy enough. 

Just follow the steps below :

Login to your Blogger.
Click Desain / layout.
Click Edit HTML 
then place the meta tag under the code below

<title> <data:blog.pageTitle/> </ title>

and don't forget to change the red code below in accordance with the description of your blog.

<meta content=' your description here' name='description'/>

<Meta content = 'KEYWORD1, KEYWORD2, keyword3 ...' name = 'keywords' />
<meta content='INDEX, FOLLOW' name='ROBOTS'/> 

note : 
change the red code in the code above with your blog descripsition , and your keywods.
for more information about meta tag, please visit google webmaster or click here

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Thursday, 6 January 2011

how to make a free ads on facebook

The Facebook, in addition useful to exchange information, find friends, live chat, upload photos and videos, but actually facebook can also be used for free advertising.

How to advertise on Facebook :

  • Log in to your facebook account
  • Click the Application menu at the bottom left of your facebook, and click find more (in the upper right)
  • Type the marketplace (on the right top of the page), then press ENTER.
  • Click the application marketplace, on view results searching application.
  • Click Go To Application (on the right page.)
  • Define your market target : Click on location settings, for example: Indonesia
  • On the top menu, select the option your ad type :

           - Sell it : if you will sell the item / your product
           - Sell for a cause : selling something and donate it (donation)
           - Give it Away : give something you do not use
           - Ask for it : ask your friends to help you find something.
  • If you choose sell it : and enter the type of goods will you sell product and click POST
  • Type, product details that you will sell; reason you sell it, price, select a category, your location, product description, can also upload product images.
  • After all filled, put a check list (tick) the Term of Usenya and press the SUBMIT button if it appears notification from facebook that your listing is pending or verification, just press the Continue button and write something that will be displayed on the homepage of your friends, then press Publish, and your free advertising on facebook already installed.

~ to your blogging success ~


How to change the appearance of the blog header

The steps to change the appearance of the blog header are, as follows :
The first step,

let us know, how the size of the header before we create an image that will be added in it, this is done, for the size of the image were really fit with the size of the header, so the picture will looking good and fit.
and, to know the size of a blog header, please follow the steps below:

  • Login to blogger.
  • Click  Layout ( desain ) >> Edit HTML.
In your homepage, find the Code : # header-wrapper
the code usually written something like this :

# Header-wrapper {
background: transparent url (http://lingua-mysite.blogspot.com/images/flash/bg.jpg) no-repeat scroll 0 0;
border-bottom: 1px solid # A6A6A6;
height: 90px;
width: 936px;


In the listing above, we got the value of the header width = 936 px and height = 90 px, So, the width and height are the size of the header we need to determine the size of the image that we will create. and now we can specify the size of the image should we made is, 936 x 90 px.

The second step,
After knowing the size of the header, it is time to create a good picture, and  try to draw the theme of the image is matches with the theme of the blog, you can create images using Photoshop, or other.

The third step,
when you finish drawing, upload images to your hosting,  and get the Url link of the image, to be placed on your homepage.

The fourth step,
Change the codes on your homepage for the image appears as an imageheader,

Login to blogger   >>   and then click desain    >>    Edit HTML >>

check (tick) , the box of expand template widget.
Then, find the codes, # header-wrapper,

the complete codes are, as below :

# Header-wrapper {
background: transparent url (
http://lingua-mysite.blogspot.com/images/flash/bg.jpg) no-repeat scroll 0 0;
border-bottom: 1px solid # A6A6A6;
height: 90px;
width: 936px;

In the listing above , change the  green codes and blink, with the url of the image.

If the  background codes aren't found in your the listing.
Add background code, as in the listing above.
After that, click Save template, and see the results.
beckup and save the template, before changing or adding the HMTL code listing,

- to your blogging success -

Sunday, 2 January 2011

How to Remove Underline on the Text Link

to remove the underline in a text link, you only need to change some csscode on the control panel of bloggers, consider the example below, after see the example below I am sure you can practice it immediately.

a:link {

a:hover {

a:visited {

To be more clear, let me explain the code:

a:link {

the meanning of code is -> the link text color is blue and underlined

a:hover {

the link when highlighted by mouse ( on mouse down ), the color will change to dark blue and underlined.

a:visited {

the link, if it ever clicked by the same computer will be colored dark blue and underlined.
so, where is the code above that make the link become underlined? you can guessed it now:


the word underlined that make the link become underlined. if you don't want the text links underlined, just change all the word underline on this code with the word none, and the example code will be as below:

a:visited {

From the description above, of course you can set the link text, whether you want a link underlined or not underline? Or maybe you want, if a link in the highlight by mouse ( on mous down ), there are underlined or not underline? and if a link had been visited or clicked, there are underlined or not underline? it is up to you as the blog owner

- to your blogging sucsess -



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