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Wednesday, 22 December 2010


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SEO or stands for Search Engine Optimization is a technique used by webmasters to get high positions in search engines. Every person who has a website, of course they want every product, or advertising, or written articles  get public attention. If you have a product to sell, the Internet is the best medium for marketing purposes, and SEO is the only way to promote your product, I believe you already have a website, now who knows about your web presence? This is the function of SEO. The goal is, to optimize search engine so it can open a high traffic towards a website and introduce it to the world. search engine will give a certain rank on a website based on different criteria. when the robot or spider crawl a web page, the machine or robot will check the whole page of the website, to find all the data required by the search engine in search of a web page, from these search results, every page of the website will be given specific rank, and rank is what will determine the extent to which the position and popularity of a web on a search engine.

perform tricks seo

in my opinion there are 2 steps to do tricks seo namely :

The first stage

The first stage is the stage when we begin to create a website. that must be done immediately is:

This stage is very important, so, do it properly.

second stage
The second stage is the stage to support the process that has been done at an early stage, here are some things to do in the second stage:

  • Do, walkblogging and get beckling from sites that have a similar theme with the theme of your site
  • Register your blog to the directory services
  • Follow the social networking site and forum on the internet, and do online promotion
  • Do the link exhance among fellow bloggers, etc.

Before beginning the process of Search Engine Optimization, it is important for us to understand, what is the real purpose of seo?. Try to collect a lot of info about Seo, and learn more how to use it, before you do SEO for your website.
if you successfully on Seo, its means, 75% you have been successful on the internet.

Thus, a little review about seo, hopefully useful

from the article above there is an interesting question. namely "what is the purpose of seo?" I want to use these questions as an opinion poll, if you wish please write your opinions and answers to the comments box

for your attention and participation, I say thank you

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